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DAYSPA HamburgAn oasis of wellness

Dear Pure Spa by DAYSPA Hamburg guests,




You don't need to be a guest at the hotel to take advantage of the amenities and services offered by our SPA Team. During regular opening hours, our professional team is ready with a full range of services and treatments for relaxation seekers.

So close your eyes, relax– and get in tune with yourself!

Your team from Pure Spa by DAYSPA Hamburg.



Access to spa for hotel guests:

Due to the value-added tax increase since the 1st July 2015 from 7% to 19% we are unfortunately unable to offer you the free usage of our spa area any longer. Therefore we charge a price of 5,00 Euro for the using of our sauna per person and day.

(When booking spa treatments the separate charge for the sauna usage is committed)

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to use the SPA.


Special announcement

Our Pure Spa by DAYSPA Hamburg is open again on 15 June 2020 with immediate effect, to provide you with precious and essential moments of relaxation, ideal in times like these. To ensure each and everyone feels safe and well looked after-here, the team works with gloves and special FFP2 face mask. Hand desinfection, desinfected headrests and fresh towels after each treatment are all provided as a matter of course. In addition, manicures are carried out with a perspex fixture and facial treatments wirh a visor/protective goggles. All treatments scheduled at intervals in order to avoid contact with other clients.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact



Spabreak - Massage

Short and effective. This backrub with warm organic aromatic oil focusses on the needs during your everyday life.

25 min  45 € Request Appointment

Intense - Massage

Pleasantly strong pressure and a deep, stroking massage stretches and opens the connective tissue, releasing deep-seated muscular tension and myogelosis.

55 min  85 € Request Appointment

Destress - Massage

A gentle treatment with warm oil which aims to generate energy and achieve deep relaxation to energise body and mind.

55 min  85 € Request Appointment

Classic - Massage

A medium pressure Swedish oil massage that relaxes your muscles and improves circulation in the areas treated.

55 min  85 € Request Appointment

Baby Love - Massage

This massage is designed for the complaints and needs during pregnancy.

55 min  89 € Request Appointment

Medical Massage - Massage

55 min  89 € Request Appointment

Physiotherapie - Treatment

Physiotherapy is a method of restoring, improving or maintaining the human body's ability to move and function. Can also be billed with a private prescription after arrangement by telephone.

55 min  85 € Request Appointment


Wellness Manicure - Extras

Nailcare, massage and nail polish

55 min  59 € Request Appointment

Wellness Pedicure - Extras

Nailcare, massage and nail polish.

55 min  59 € Request Appointment


Fresh Up Glow Facial - Treatment

Beautiful and radiant: This Hyaluron Fresh Up includes facial cleansing, peeling, moisturizing mask and a relaxing facial massage.

25 min  45 € Request Appointment

Pure Care Facial - Treatment

Our facial Pure Care consists of a thorough cleansing and a peeling and is completed with a mask tailored to your skins needs and a radiant finish.
Including skin analysis and consultation
55 min  85 € Request Appointment

Men's Skin Care Facial - Treatment

Here we take care of stressed male skin and give it back vitality and freshness.

Including skin analysis and consultation

55 min  85 € Request Appointment

Me Time Facial - Treatment

Facial deluxe! This is the all-round carefree package for your face. Including eyebrow correction, Brow and Lash Tint, hand and head massage.
85 min  129 € Request Appointment

Body Treatments

Hot Stone Massage - Massage

The application of hot stones to selected parts of the body releases Nature's healing powers and can lead you to deep relaxation. By massaging your energy channels (meridians) with warm stones, your body's self-healing power is stimulated.

55 min.  89 € Request Appointment

Pure Body Scrub - Massage

A full body treatment with pure olive oil combined with a sea salt scrub.

This treatment refreashes and relaxes at the same time.

55 min  89 € Request Appointment

Ayurveda - Massage

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old Indian medical system based on a holistic approach which affects both body and mind. A deeply effective balancing treatment which stimulates and detoxes your body and reduces stress, thus generating an extraordinary level of relaxation. Ayurvedic massage is known as Abhyanga, which we offer in the form of partial/full body oil massage.

55 min  89 € Request Appointment


Me & You - Massage

This treatment for two persons starts with a relaxing foot bath with warm aromatic oils and is completed with a soothing whole body massage.

2 x 55 min.  178 € Request Appointment

7th Heaven - Special

After this treatment, you will feel as if you are in seventh heaven. It combines a soothing back massage, an invigorating back scrub and a refreshing facial treatment.

55 min.  89 € Request Appointment

Opening Hours


The sauna and relaxation room must unfortunately remain closed due to the current situation.



We are glad to receive your appointment requests. Just click on your favorite treatment and follow the link or write us an e-mail to



Appointments on request and subject to availability.



Cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled reservation are free of charge. All others will be subject to a cancellation free.



We look forward to welcoming you 10 minutes before your appointment starts to ensure you will have enough time to change and shower. Bathrobes, slippers and towels are available.



External guests could use our SPA in conjunction with a booked treatment.

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Change/Cancel Reservation

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