Vibrant under­statement.

This is our philosophy for an unforgettable stay.

What we stand for:

Meeting as equals at The George
At The George, we treat our guests, employees and partners as friends and always respect the human rights of every culture. We stand up for these values through honest, respectful, tolerant and committed behaviour, open-minded communication and professionalism.

We offer authentic service that comes from the heart through our friendly interaction with each other at all levels.

The George goes green
We offer a unique design experience by using resource-saving raw materials, whilst keeping a focus on guest comfort. We are passionate about supporting our regional partners through the purchase and processing of regional and seasonal products.

The George understands to give and take
We support regional social projects with fundraising campaigns and help various local charity organisations.

We create highlights with service from the heart
We want our guests to feel welcome at all times!
We create highlights with a special focus on quality awareness and the creation of memorable moments.

The George hears, sees and says
We treat our employees with respect, tolerance and appreciation on an interpersonal level.
We live and love the "Open Door Policy". We are helpful even beyond the company. By living our values and working together as a family, we retain employees in the long term.

Our goals are in line with the changing times, like climate change, which is a major challenge for everyone. We are therefore constantly reviewing our operational procedures and processes in order to work in a more climate-friendly and efficient ways. This includes digitalisation in order to save resources, promote employee engagement and strengthen social and environmental projects, as well as promoting training and continuous professional development for our employees in order to counteract the shortage of skilled workers. Our team is working on plans and visions for the coming months and years to meet all of these challenges, which we face on a daily basis.

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