Welcome to the club

Whether your group is small or large, whether you are having a product presentation or a photo shoot, our club rooms and event areas are fully equipped with the latest technology to meet all your needs. You will have direct access to our The George garden and your culinary wishes will be lovingly catered to by the DaCaio restaurant. From a Champagne reception, a barbecue, or a coffee break in our garden, we have your meeting covered.

Welcome to the club!

Our conference rooms

Don't you agree? The culture of meetings has nowhere to go but up! Strictly speaking, that's 3.20 metres in our club rooms – plenty of space for good thoughts. In the ambience dominated by unobtrusive colours and the perfect light for working, you'll be amazed at how much creativity has gone to waste in neon-lit conference rooms.

Event locations

Whether a large group, a fashion show a product presentation or photo shoot: All of the clubrooms, conference rooms and event areas are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and have direct access to our The George Garden and are catered by Restaurant DaCaio as per your requirements, be it a sparkling-wine reception, barbecue or an outdoor coffee break.

Finger food

The right conference also includes the right refreshments. Our finger food selection has the right treats for every taste - from vegetarian variations and culinary fish & meat highlights to delicious dessert options.


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